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Ok, I got it
no cop no rule can stop me!!!
this is My Pages
Site news
TV show Online    
The Boondocks  
Age 19+   and
Fun page video
Wats up every 1 READ ALL I MEAN IT! and have a great day

remeber 2 sign the guest book!

WARNING Viewer discreption is advised
This site may contain stong lanuage theams...
put your HT ML here
put this to your site!!!
You ppl enjoy the pop up? , if not shoult your ass off
5111 hits
FoR mOrE mUsIc ViSiT eVeRy PaGe On ThIs SiTe
thats my name
here i have alot of pics about cars very nice cars and u can place them on your msn or your web sites if you like them.
HEY i an't a car freak ok?? this is the 'only' 'nice' pics i got.

i change my mine bout tat 'this is the only best pic' look down 2 c THE real best pic its the only car at the bottom!! (with a arrow [red color])
u like movies heres 1 "kung fu Husle" very funny movie and alot of action 2 so if you like it go see it in the theaters.
best car eva made !!! its a 6 wheel ferrari. don't copy off of me !*&$@#, ill send people 2 your house and stabe u!!im kiding (im not!) ha ha ha..>_< DO NOT COPY MY PIC!
really my friend is gona kill me cos i jacked off of him don't tell no one

when i grow up im gona steal this car off of the guy who own this NICE FERRARI
lil Jon(little jon) tis guy is crazy! also my favout artist .
he put the WHAT and YAH!?!? where it belongs
Don't go there! Unless...